Remember the French voice Hyperdimension Neptunia. There will be French and Belgium dubbing mixing

StanFord 05:23, March 29, 2016 (UTC)


Isabelle Volpe, will take the voice of Neptune, and all the actors takes character voices

Heroes / More

  • Isabelle Volpe as Neptune / Purple Heart
  • Maia Baran as Noire / Black Heart
  • Julie Basecqz as Vert / Green Heart
  • Mélanie Dermont as Blanc / White Heart
  • Elisabeth Guinand as Nepgear / Purple Sister
  • Jennifer Baré as Uni / Black Sister
  • Marie Nonnenmacher as Rom / White Sister
  • Marie-Eugenie Maréchal as Ram / White Sister
  • Fanny Roy as IF
  • Dominique Wagner as Compa
  • Emilie Guillaume as Peashy / Yellow Heart
  • Carole Baillien as Histoire
  • Audrey D'Hulstère as Rei Ryghts
  • Jessica Barrier as Plutia
  • Claire Tefnin as Iris Heart
  • Nathalie Hugo as Uzume Tennouboshi
  • Donald Reignoux as Umio
  • Fily Leita as B-Sha
  • Marcha Van Boven as C-Sha
  • Brigitte Lecordier as S-Sha
  • Karine Foviau as K-Sha
  • Laetitia Godes as Tekken 
  • Sauvane Delanoë as Falcom 
  • Alexandra Corréa as Cyberconnect2 
  • Frédérique Marlot as Ziege
  • Bérangère Jean as Million Arthur
  • Marie-Line Landerwijn as God Eater
  • Nathalie Bienaimé as Nitroplus
  • Caroline Combes as First Gen Compa
  • Beatrice Wegnez as Dangly
  • Celine Melloul as Deco
  • Marie Diot as Lid
  • Jennifer Fauveau as Estelle
  • Julie André as Moru
  • Chantal Macé as Tsunemi
  • Agnès Manoury as Sango
  • Veronique Fyon as Lee-Fi
  • Fabienne Loriaux as Ein Al
  • Alayn Dubois as Resta
  • Odile Schmitt as Saori
  • Fanny Bloc as Wyn
  • Jessie Lambotte as Lady Wac
  • Kelly Marot as Blossom Aisen
  • Prunelle Rulens as Vio
  • Adeline Chetail as Ai Masujima
  • Caroline Pascal as Generia G
  • Gabrielle Jeru as Little Rain
  • Marie Millet as Poona
  • Naike Fauveau as Ryuka
  • Marie Zidi as Dengekiko
  • Dorothée Pousséo as Famitsu
  • Catherine Desplaces as Kei Jinguji
  • Virginie Ledieu as Chika Hakozaki


  • Laurence César as Arfoire
  • Martin Spinhayer as CFW Trick
  • Christophe Hespel as Anonydeath
  • Cathy Boquet as Croire
  • Thierry Janssen as CFW Judge, Singe
  • Mathieu Moreau as CFW Brave
  • Alessandro Bevilacqua as Pirachu
  • Delphine Moriau as Linda
  • Chantal Baroin as CFW Magic
  • Annabelle Roux as Abnes
  • Tony Beck as Copypaste, Older Brother, Additional voices
  • David Manet as Afimojasu Shogun
  • Frédéric Meaux as Stemax
  • Michel Hinderyckx as Mr. Badd
  • Sylvain Lemarié as Yvorie
  • Thibault Delmotte as Younger Brother
  • Jean-Michel Vovk as Additional voices
  • Gregory Praet as Chevre
  • Pierre Bodson as Jade, Additional voices
  • Frédéric Souterelle as Additional voices

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