We all know what an Emo is right? Well most people who go off Stereotypes think it's people who dress in dark dreary clothing and cut themselves(Which is not entirely true), But I'm not about to talk about that! Nope Nope Nope! I am about to talk about new species of Emo...... The EMOTATO.

As you can clearly see it is a combination of the word Emo, which is a very sad, depressed, dull, boring, and semi-lifeless individual, and the word Potato which is a very bland, boring, uninteresting food product unless you add something to it.

I bet you're wondering"Why would they combine the word Emo with Potato???". The answer is simple if you know the definition of the word Emotato, Which is:

Someone with a personality soooooo boring and dull that it makes a Potato, which is extremely boring and dull, look interesting.

Get it now?

There are other definitions for the word Emotato as well such as:

1. Someone who acts emotionless.

2. Someone so sad that a potato looks very cheerful in comparison.

3. A sad, or an emo, potato.


4. ULQUIORRA SCHIFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Look at how sad, empty,and depressed this Male looks. He's super hot but super boring as well, and that emo-like ultra white skin isn't helping him look any less Emotato either.

Ulquiorra Schiffer has a dead, bland personality or in other words, The Personality of a Rock.Ulquiorra Schiffer always looks so sad, like he needs a big hug and lots of chocolate.

So if you ever meet a person like Ulquiorra, they are an immediate Emotato without a second thought.

and that is Exactly what an Emotato is~

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