Even though the little conformist people on the NISA forum concluded that true form of the Goddesses are their human forms, I don't believe that bull.

Their only reasoning for thinking this crap is that "They can't stay HDD forever, so therfore their human form is their true form." or "They aren't like that all the time."

I've discussed this with other people and we've come to the conclusion that their HDD form is their true form. I'll tell you why.

  1. Just because you can't stay in a certain form forever, doesn't mean that it isn't your true form. This has been displayed in many Anime's and Video Game's.
  2. They're CPUs. So why the hell wouldn't their CPU FORM be their TRUE FORM? Does that make any sense to you? So... they think... They're CPUs but their Human form is their true form and not thier CPU form?
  3. Vert says in battle when she's preparing to transform "I'll show you my true form!" Just because she mocked the fact that Neptune and Blanc have small breasts doesn't make this in-game quote any less true.
  4. Just because they're not always in HDD form doesn't mean that it isn't their true form. They don't need to be over-powered and tough looking all the time. They have to fit in with the humans below don't they?
  5. Of course being in HDD will drain their energy. They aren't like Arfoire. Arfoire's power is absolute while the four CPUs only have a quarter of the power of a true goddess.
  6. The CPUs of each landmass are Purple Heart, White Heart, Green Heart, and Black Heart. Not Neptune, Blanc, Vert, and Noire. Even though they are the same people That's not what the people of the human world call them. The humans address them as their CPU form names not their human names.
  7. After the reading the Mk2 description for Neptune and Purple Heart on the official site... this only adds proof to my beliefs. Below is the exact description for both forms.


The Human form of Purple Heart, Planeptune's CPU. She looks fairly young, and acts like a child too... Strangers can't tell if Neptune or Nepgear is the elder sister.

Purple Heart

Planeptune's cool and mature CPU. She cares about her younger sister, Nepgear, more than anyone else.

This proves that what I believe is right and that thye're all idiots....

But.. I would like to see what others think about this... Leave comments if you want~~

Not like I care....

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