• Status: Working through the optional Leanbox dungeons
  • Level 26

Finished up all the story I could on Lowee, then hopped over to Leanbox and finished that up too. Man, the amount of plot progression you can do on each landmass is really unbalanced. I spent days on Lastation, yet I have to zip back to Lowee again after just a few events? It really feels disjointed.

Anyway, lots of low level stuff at the moment. My level climbing rate dropped, but at least it was enough for some new gear for some of the girls. I'm sure it'll pick back up before too long.

Either way, tomorrow will be the last day of this blog for now. I promised my bro I'd give the PS3 back tomorrow, so I'll try and make a big dash and see how much I can finish up before then.

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