• Status: Progressing the story on Lastation.
  • Level 14

Picked up Nisa and Gust today. I find it weird I have to pick up their tickets from the store after I already paid for their DLC. Oh well, at least I didn't have to pay for the tickets. And they're leveling up fast too. I'm already using Nisa in my battle party.

I may rethink my favorite characters now. I love Nisa's scenes and I forgot that White Heart is only really cute until she opens her mouth and reminds us she has a mouth like a character on an HBO original series. I wonder if Conversation has ever considered a nice thick gag for her.

Looks like I can't do anything more until I advance the story on Lastation, so I'll be doing that tomorrow as well as griding some more for money and for some levels for Nisa and Gust. Red and 5pb are just about equal to the main trio now, so they've been helpful.

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