• Status: Playing around on Lowee.
  • Level 11

Mostly spent today bouncing around between landmasses and advancing the story a bit on each one. I used a guide and picked up Red and 5pb while I was at it, so that was good. I'll have them hang out in reserve for a while, though, at least until their levels are higher. I might kick back and fight in one of the non-timed dungeons for a bit to do that.

Speaking of ranking dungeons, I'm doing rather well on those. Mostly S and A ranks for the most part, but I did get a D in one of the early ones. I'll have to go back and try and fix that later.

Beyond that, nothing much to report tonight. I'll progress the story on Lowee a bit more, then bounce back to Lastation and see what all I can do there. I wonder how long until I run into Gust and Nisa?

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