• Status: Heading toward the next landmass.
  • Level 7

Not a whole lot of progress today. I mostly just snatched up all the DLC characters (which is good, as I nearly missed the first Red event if I had left Planetune earlier) and some of the early freebie quests. My cash flow is a little better now, so all my characters are well equipped for the next spot.

I watched some videos of the Red and 5pb events before and they had Japanese voice-acting, yet there's none in the English version. Seems odd, since I know those two have English voice actors for their battle clips. I guess the game makers didn't want to pay Iffy's voice actor overtime, since she's the only character who appears alongside them.

The first few references to other games popped up as well. The Tetris one was a little too obvious for my taste, but the Street Fighter one was a bit better. The Mario one wasn't too bad, and Nep-Nep would probably look more heroic with the cap and overalls, heh-heh.

Either way, I'll probably check on something I thought I missed earlier later tonight and then see about the next landmass. I think it's Lastation, but I wanna check out Leanbox and start 5pb's events. Maybe I'll just do both.

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