• Status: Back on Lastation
  • Level 31

Finished up the new events on Lowee and just started up Lastation again. White Heart complained a lot again. Did she forget what happened in the beginning of the game when she had her hissy-fit or was that just her casting blame on others after getting whacked again? Green Heart is probably my new fav of the goddesses, by the way

This makes the last entry for this little series. I had fun doing it and I may pick it up again when I next borrow the game, though perhaps I'll only do one every few days instead of every day.

So, my thoughts on the game so far? Good for the most part. The combat system is neat and the use of combos and switching lend it some strategy. The story is decent, but suffers a bit from jumping too much with landmass traveling. The humor and references fall flat at times, but when they work, they work well. So yeah, I'll be sticking around to see how it all ends.

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