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  • Jacob175

    An Odd Thought

    July 13, 2012 by Jacob175

    In the bad ending of Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-II, Arfoire says that with only one goddess, Gamindustri will stagnate and die. Yet, at the end of the first game, the good ending has all the goddesses go and do just that, leaving one new goddess in charge while they all quit. Does that imply that Gamindustri in that continuity will eventually stagnate and die with only one goddess and no competition? Or would that still be safe, since it was created under different circumstances?

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  • Jacob175
    • Status: Back on Lastation
    • Level 31

    Finished up the new events on Lowee and just started up Lastation again. White Heart complained a lot again. Did she forget what happened in the beginning of the game when she had her hissy-fit or was that just her casting blame on others after getting whacked again? Green Heart is probably my new fav of the goddesses, by the way

    This makes the last entry for this little series. I had fun doing it and I may pick it up again when I next borrow the game, though perhaps I'll only do one every few days instead of every day.

    So, my thoughts on the game so far? Good for the most part. The combat system is neat and the use of combos and switching lend it some strategy. The story is decent, but suffers a bit from jum…

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  • Jacob175
    • Status: Working through the optional Leanbox dungeons
    • Level 26

    Finished up all the story I could on Lowee, then hopped over to Leanbox and finished that up too. Man, the amount of plot progression you can do on each landmass is really unbalanced. I spent days on Lastation, yet I have to zip back to Lowee again after just a few events? It really feels disjointed.

    Anyway, lots of low level stuff at the moment. My level climbing rate dropped, but at least it was enough for some new gear for some of the girls. I'm sure it'll pick back up before too long.

    Either way, tomorrow will be the last day of this blog for now. I promised my bro I'd give the PS3 back tomorrow, so I'll try and make a big dash and see how much I can finish up before then.

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  • Jacob175

    Jacob175 Playthrough - Day 8

    December 17, 2011 by Jacob175
    • Status: Working on Lowee.
    • Level 25

    Finally done with Lastation for now. I suppose I could have moved on a bit sooner, but I wanted to finish up a few more of its dungeons first.

    Nothing much to report this time except I'm getting better at handling bosses without just having Neptune slaughter them in HDD mode. With any luck, I'll open up some higher-level dungeons there soon and start leveling again.

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  • Jacob175
    • Status: Finishing up Lastation
    • Level 24

    Yeah, missed a day there. Went down to return that Pirates of the Caribbean movie and wound up renting Sonic Generations as well, so I've been alternating with that. That's been pretty fun too.

    Doing all right so far with in-game progress. Gonna hit a few more of the side-dungeons later and see if I can't polish off Lastation tomorrow. Though I must admit, my enjoyment of the game has begun to wane a bit, being stuck in one area so long. The humor is beginning to wear a bit thin too, mostly due to Iffy and her snippy mouth towards the others. I suspect it may also be due to how much I've played it the last few days as well, so I may focus on Sonic Generations tomorrow instead and take a break.

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