Here's my take on commenting on the wiki. Generally speaking, I don't mind people people commenting on whether they like or don't like specific characters/games or even the games/characters in general.

Here's a few guidelines for commenting on the site. Note these lists are not exhaustive.

OK to post

  • Edit suggestions to pages (although since this is a wiki you can generally do them yourself)
  • Questions about the characters/gameplay (How do I get X/How do I beat this boss/etc.)
  • Statements that you like/dislike a specific game/character.

Doing any of the following (under "Not ok to post") may result in comment deletion and/or a block.

Not ok to post

  • Personal attacks
  • Off-topic comments
  • Spam

If you think a comment should be deleted, please post a link to the page on my talk page. I'll then review it and take action as needed. Also if you think I may have made a mistake and think a deleted comment was acceptable please also post a link to my talk page and I'll restore said comment.

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