• Don'tbetrayus22

    "screw it. I'm leaving."

    "I'm coming, sister."

    "dammit, dammit, DAMMIT! not cool!"

    "I swear more than blanc, if and that underling chick combined, got it?"

    "shit! you and your fancy looking witch hat and stupid ass ugly with face!! WHAT ARE YOU, THAT DAMN RODENT, THE UNDERLING CHICK, AND YOUR OTHER STUPID MINIONS DOING HERE?"

    "shit, shit, shit, shit!!! I curse if I want to!"

    as iris sister

    "calm your boobs, vert."

    "I get to talk to your sister like that! shut up, lettuce! and peako, your sister is fine."

    "blanc, I love it when you swear."

    "damn! she's good."

    "I hate when ice cold bitches mock my chest."


    "I'm watching for the damn goddesses to get here."

    "sister, goddesses, you took too damn long to show up."

    "I love you guys."

    "keep on moving...."


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  • Don'tbetrayus22

    "hey! I'm peako! the cpu candidate."

    as peako

    "kay. let's do this!"

    "big sister says I can't have any pudding. sowwy..."

    "but I like to play with you, noire! keep playing with me!"

    "everyone hates me..."

    "on lastation, I bet everyone wears outfits similar to mine and hold sacks of candy!"

    "awwww.... come on.... it can't be that serious..."

    "I love neptune though!!! meanie!!!"

    "take my hand. it's safe."

    "big sis, you don't need boobs to be a goddess."

    "e-ew.... he licked me..."

    "neppy! neppy! neppy!"

    "I'll tell you what. if I read to you, then will you give my candy?" (to ram)

    "alright! let's go!"

    "my knees are aching... geary, pick me up and carrie me."

    "awww... stop.... you're making me want that candy!" (to nepgear)

    "neppy, can I come with you? I want to…

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