Please keep in mind I'm not trying to start a war or anything, but as an admin of many wiki's and an editor of many others. I have noticed things that some wiki's do and what some don't. I wish to use this for those who wonder why Fanart shouldn't be on main/canon pages. Its WAY easier then just explaining this to every single person who may ask.

Please read all of my points before you judge my statements.


  • A nice way for fans to show their liking of a series.
  • Its nice, usually.
  • Sometimes it can be very badly drawn, or contain adult content.
  • FAN art. Its by the fans and should stay for the Fans. As in, has no place for a website or thing dedicated to Official/Canon things. Like this wiki.


  • Info sites that help you to better learn of a series.
  • Can be made very messily, badly wrote, or just bad. But if made and treated to as if a very child, it can be wonderful~!
  • As a wiki covers REAL information. FAN things should not be meshed with the very topic. Its as I like to say:

Fanon and Canon are two seperate things, please keep them that way unless stated otherwise. Now, while I do not run this wiki (Though I would love too :3 I wanted to start my own until I realized one was already made.) I do feel some rules may be needed in order to make this as informative, nice, and detailed as we can.

I do believe Fanart can belong on their own special pages, perhaps those dedicated to say. "Noire Fanart" and keep it away from Canon material (such as linking it TO Noire's page.) that can be allowed. As well as putting it on User pages.

So please listen to me and my words. Trust me I know. I began my own wiki of a series I really like because it was very messy and full of fan images and barely any OFFICIAL ones. Now when you compare the two, mine is clearly superior. And yes, I did ask around and have people pick which they prefered. I didn't just decide then and there mine was clearly better. I take pride in all the wiki's I work on and from what I know. People always visit the nicer official ones~ Go to any good one, like Sonic, Kingdom heart, Mario. And see that they are perfection. If we wish for this wiki to succeed then we must do all that we can!

.....Did anyone else just get a speech vibe there?

A-anyway, again. Please just listen to what I have to say if you disagree with this. I will respect your opinions if you respect my very own as well.

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