be it fictional, a friend, or yourself. By looks, personality, or just.. whatever XD Tell me, describe, whatever you must.


In terms of appearence, I would look the most like Red. We have the same hair in terms of coloring almost but in different styles. Style wise my hair isn't like anyone's in game, but perhaps a mix of Ram and Linda's.

My eyes are Gray also like Red's. But mine have a.. the thing where one is different colored then the other. Just different in terms of Shade I mean.

When I was little, my hair resembled Vert's however. It turrned the color it is.. somehow.


A mixture of Noire, Blanc, and 5pb somewhat. Very tiny bit of Vert also. I'm more to myself and not a people person, shy, I love music and cosplay and anime and singing and junk. But I'm also very violent tempered and swear-happy.

So anyway, now tell me about yourself. it'll be fun to guess who you may be like if your not sure yourself.

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