Yeah forgive me for a crappy title but that isn't really the focus of this topic. I've been aware ever since it was made that there has been another wikia for this series. I hate to admit it but that one actually looks a lot better then this one DX After all the hard work I originally put into this one it feels like a huge waste and for nothing anymore. I know I've stopped doing anything for this wikia, but as the original I want to make it seem that way and improve it again. To which I don't even know how to do yet since it has a lot of stuff on it now, but I'm going to go through everything to see what I can do to make it better.

On another note, has anyone ditched this place for that one? I'm not really angry about that or anything, but I feel frustrated in knowing that a person thought so lowly of all my, and everyone elses hard work that they had to make their own wikia for the series instead of helping out this one to make one, great community. How could I possibly join that one when I'd probably be the most un-wanted person there...

In short, I am coming off of my hiatus once and for all. I'm going to be doing everything I can for this place (to the limit of what I know and can actually do) to keep it from dying out. Even if I am worrying over nothing, I want to make sure this wikia is still just as good. 

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