Well I had an idea and before I went ahead and did it, I wanted to get an opinion first. Please DO NOT do this idea, as I had it and I would hate for someone else to "take my credit" as to say. So please, let me know what you think and I can get right on it. After I have began it, THEN people can come in and edit it to their liking. Or even add pics.

Anyway my idea now...

On main character pages, or basically those playable. What if we added a section titled "Relations". And it can explain each goddesses views of other characters. Like for example say on Neptune's page it'd list her relationships with:

  1. each goddess: Blanc seems to hate her although underneath her mean words is infact kindness. Noire and Neptune have an odd relationship but... (you get the point, each piece will be detailed and such.)
  2. IF
  3. Compa

and So and on and so on. But minor characters like Magic the Hard, or Chian could be left out. As they're not really.. major sorta..

As said, I want opinions of this first before I add anything. I think this would add more to the pages, and perhaps clean up a few things. While I wish to provide a better example, for now I cannot. So just tell me what you think.

P.S. Allergies blow...

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