Yay! I am an admin as of... well I guess last night, or today. Not sure when I got the message... Anyway, yay agan!

While I am not happy the person I do not like has also been given it, and apparently suddenly topped me once more due to my lack of edits and the fact most of what she does is just category work while I do actually things... I am happy none the less, since I had hoped to become admin of this wiki someday :3

And this has inspired me and give me a sudden boost to put as much time as I had been originally x3 So I'm going to be editing and adding and fixing and making everything better, like I used to.

Also, I have to message someone about an idea I had to help make the pages nicer. Wish me luck Chrismh 08:00, November 25, 2011 (UTC)

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