• Chrismh

    Background/Wikia Wallpaper

    February 15, 2014 by Chrismh

    Um, I wanted to ask. While this is better then just the colored patterns, I could have sworn sometime back there had been a version that had Neptune on one side, and the other three on the other. I attempted to look for that one and set it back, but it wasn't on the "saved list" of theme edits. Is anyone who knows how to work wallpapers able to do that, or something...?

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  • Chrismh


    February 13, 2014 by Chrismh

    T~T I hate to admit it, but besides knowing I want to improve this place, I don't know where the heck to start... 

    I can't do any of the stuff the other wikia does to appear flashier and superior DX how can I even progress if I can't do anything impressive? I know I'm stressing way too much over this, but all of the hard work means nothing if other people find the other one more appealing and special. 

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  • Chrismh

    Yeah forgive me for a crappy title but that isn't really the focus of this topic. I've been aware ever since it was made that there has been another wikia for this series. I hate to admit it but that one actually looks a lot better then this one DX After all the hard work I originally put into this one it feels like a huge waste and for nothing anymore. I know I've stopped doing anything for this wikia, but as the original I want to make it seem that way and improve it again. To which I don't even know how to do yet since it has a lot of stuff on it now, but I'm going to go through everything to see what I can do to make it better.

    On another note, has anyone ditched this place for that one? I'm not really angry about that or anything, but …

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  • Chrismh

    Hi :3

    May 14, 2013 by Chrismh

    Hi everyone :3 Er... well jeez, it's been a really long time since I've been around hasn't it?

    Well um... I plan to resume doing work like I was doing previously. I mean I still love this series and everything, I think I just lost the passion that came with running/editing this place. I mean, it felt like a competition to me since I had to deal with a few things that we won't go into topic over. It's not important.

    The point is, I really want to get back into this place and continue to do as I can to keep it looking nice.

    So then, first of all I plan to make just a few cosmetic changes :3 like this background... anyone else think it's boring? If anybody has any ideas or pictures in mind I would love to see it/them. There must be something we …

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  • Chrismh

    Er, sorry if the title doesn't make much sense...

    Anyway, I being Admin have decided it'd be good to make a post/bloggy like this. Please read it, and feel free to ask questions or comment on what I am going to be saying below this :3

    So anyway I noticed this wiki has still been missing stuffs upon stuffs. So I made this in order to...basically list everything lacking and how they can be improved. I plan on working on this stuff, but I also wanna let members who edit know. Or if you wish to get into editing but have honestly no clue how, just ask. I'll try my best to help :3 I have IM if needed...

    Please contribute with ideas or whatever. It's a lot of work, I can't do it all on my own...

    Storyline events, we have very few on SOME character pa…

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