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    Re;Birth3 Dungeons

    November 8, 2015 by CDRW
    • Please note that according to game, both Lowee and Lastation have Rud Arms Sewer, North and South. But in Japanese the one in lastation is 南口 (South) but in-game English uses N. (North). Same in Lowee.
    • Only added JP and EN names here. Too lazy to fill all tables
    • This list is incomplete. Maybe some dungeons are missing. And again, too lazy to check.


    • BDC = Big Dungeon Change
    • Hidden = Hidden Treasure

    Re;birth3 Remake System

    Japanese English Monsters Gather BDC Treasure Hidden
    オオトリイ大森林 Otori Forest

    ZECA一号遺跡 Zeca Ruins No.1

    ジェットセット山道 Jet Set Range

    ハネダ山道 Haneda Mountain

    オオトリイ洞窟 Otori Cave

    ZECA二号遺跡 Zeca Ruins No.2

    レツゴウアイランド Powerlevel Island

    未来を決する電子の地 Digital Future Land

    Japanese English Monsters Gather BDC Treasure Hidden
    風来洞 Wanderer's Cave

    バンディクラッシュ Ban…

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    Re;Birth3 Remake System

    November 8, 2015 by CDRW

    Thanks to the built-in item search in rebirth 3, you can find the location (or quest) of materials in plan interface. If it shows "Not Obtainable" you may need to unlock more dungeons to find it. You still need to look for plans and game will not provide you hints there. JP wiki has another page for Item plans but my aim is dungeons first, and convert dungeons names already tough enough, I have no interest to translate those material names too... you can search in game anyway.

    FYI : Dungeon, Remake links from JP wiki

    • This is a draft, and converted form JP wiki. This blog is a placeholder - but feel free to copy it to standalone page if you think that is necessary
    • Rebirth 3 on steam comes with (most if not) all DLC execpt histy's emergency pac…
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