(My continuing saga on griping about stuff.)

While further going through pages, adding trivia and fixing typos that I notice. I realized that these pages really lack uniformity, Yes, its nice we keep such information on the wiki, we should strive to keep all character pages looking the same. You're plenty free to ask "why don't you do this smartypants?" and I'll reply, "I have 0 wiki editing experience, otherwise I would." and while I'm pointing out flaws we really need to add Mk2 game information. I see a lot of data for 1, but very little for Mk2.

... and I still think it all needs to be seperated and labelled, it gets confusing when you dont know what game the article creator, or editor is talking about (Its usually Nep 1)

... dear god we need to fix the front page too... its just so... it doesnt link to anywhere, we always have to use the search bar.

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