The Godesses' Resonance (Over Limit)
Ep5 Screen
Nepgear defeated Arfoire
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Air Date August 9, 2013
Episode Number 05
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The Sister's Resolve (Turn) Lastation's Secret (For Your Eyes Only)

Episode 05 of Neptunia: the Animation aired August 9, 2013 in Japan.


Key eventsEdit

  • Arfoire transforms into her own Goddess form.
  • Rom and Ram transform to White Sisters.
  • Uni transforms to Black Sister.
  • The CPU Candidates, now able to access into their HDD forms.
  • Nepgear Defeated Arfoire and freed CPUs.
  • Peashy's first appearance.



  • Blanc Manju, an item from Nepstation, makes an appearance in this episode.

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