For other uses see Sounds of Gamindustri.

Neptunia Victory- Sounds of Gamindustri

Sounds of Gamindustri is the Original Soundtrack CD for Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and contains a total of 24 tracks.

Tracklist OrderEdit

  1. Between Earth and Sky
  2. Acrylic Wall
  3. Yellow Heart's Theme
  4. Rom's/Ram's Theme [Ver.V]
  5. Lowee's Theme [Ver.V]
  6. Peashy's Theme
  7. Uni's Theme
  8. Elegy
  9. Lastation's Theme [Ver.V]
  10. Noire's Theme
  11. World of Imagination
  12. Nepgear's Theme
  13. Atranger's Theme
  14. Recalled Manager, Pt. 1
  15. Recalled Manager, Pt. 2
  16. La Dele Dele
  17. Vert's Theme
  18. The Rock Garden
  19. 4th Dimension
  20. Blanc's Theme
  21. Medusa
  22. Nepstation's Theme
  23. Invader 1960
  24. Halt

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