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This page is for describing all of the items obtainable for Noire in Kami Jigen Game Neptune V. As well as pictures and the conditions for each item.


  • Black - already unlocked
  • Blond - already unlocked
  • Pink -
  • Blue -


  • La Victoire - Already unlocked
  • Stone Leek - Already unlocked
  • Pretty Pink - Already unlocked
  • Sugar Rain - Already unlocked
  • LASOU Uniform - View Noire's good ending
  • Cassis Rayure - View Noire's true ending
  • Happy Study - Reach 10% of Noire's events
  • Another Dream - Unlocked after the event of the Goddesses surpassing MOB48
  • Night Ghost - Reach 50% of Noire's events


  • Sapphire Ribbon - default
  • Stone Ribbon - default
  • Pink Ribbon - default
  • Sugar Ribbon - default


  • Stone Gray - default
  • Night Blue - default
  • DX Silver - Reach 60% of Noire's events


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