This page lists Uni's weapons in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.

Virta Blaster
General Information
User(s): Uni
PP: None
Base Stats
Neptunia Victory HP stat 1500 Neptunia Victory SP stat 1500
Neptunia Victory STR stat 3375 Neptunia Victory VIT stat 0
Neptunia Victory INT stat 2550 Neptunia Victory MEN stat 300
Neptunia Victory AGI stat 0 Neptunia Victory TEC stat 0
Neptunia Victory LUK stat 300 Neptunia Victory MOV stat 0
Elemental Affinities
Fire Element 0% Wind Element 0%
Ice Element 0% Lightning Element 0%
Shop Cost: None
PSN Store Cost: $0.99
Sellback Value: None
Attack Type
Range: Long 2x1
1st Attack: Shotgun
A next generation rifle made in Lastation. It was developed for Uni's sole use and configured to work with her battle style.
PSN Download
Dungeon Treasure
Hidden Treasure
Monster Drop
Materials to Develop

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