This page lists Nepgear's weapons in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.

Beam Saber
General Information
User(s): Nepgear
PP: None
Base Stats
Neptunia Victory HP stat 0 Neptunia Victory SP stat 0
Neptunia Victory STR stat 309 Neptunia Victory VIT stat 0
Neptunia Victory INT stat 247 Neptunia Victory MEN stat 0
Neptunia Victory AGI stat 0 Neptunia Victory TEC stat -25
Neptunia Victory LUK stat 0 Neptunia Victory MOV stat 0
Elemental Affinities
Fire Element 0% Wind Element 0%
Ice Element 0% Lightning Element 0%
Shop Cost: None
PSN Store Cost: None
Sellback Value: None
Attack Type
Range: Narrow
1st Attack: Attack
Nepgear's favorite weapon. It's high-output, concentrated beam blade makes it easy to wield for amateurs and professionals alike.
Initial weapon
Dungeon Treasure
Hidden Treasure
Monster Drop
Materials to Develop

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