A list of Processor Units in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.


  • Lost Purple C
  • Violet C
  • Neptune C
  • Lilac C
  • Lilac mk2 C
  • Lilac mk3 C
  • Megadrive C
  • S3-2X C
  • STV-00 C
  • White Cast C
  • Plutia C
  • Stone Gray C
  • Night Blue C
  • DX Silver C
  • Piano Black C
  • Orbital S C
  • Base White C
  • Super BW C
  • NTD-64 C
  • G-Cube C
  • W11 C
  • Build-X C
  • Round-X C
  • Round Next C
  • Double Round C
  • Base Core C
  • Turbo Core C
  • Graph Core C
  • PCF-00X C
  • Cradle C
  • Next-Gen Cradle C
  • De-ess Light C
  • De-ess AI C
  • <BLANK> C (All CPU's)

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