Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Game(s) Four Goddesses Online: Cyberdimension Neptune
Voice Actor Sayaka Senbongi (Japanese)
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Kiria and Kuronekohime

Kiria is a new character featured in 4 Goddesses Online: Cyberdimension Neptune. She is a pompous girl who tries to show of. Being excessively honest, she ends up being used a lot by enemies. She feels well-disposed to Kuronekohime, often doing much with her.

Appearance Edit

Kiria resembles a boy when you first look at her, much like Kei. She has spiked black hair with light blue coloring in various spots, accenting her icy blue eyes.

She wears a black jacket accented in turquoise and on the top, several straps and accents of silver. Her coat tails have dull blue coloring on the inside, while her sleeve cuffs are rolled up to reveal white coloring and black lining. She wears a pair of denim pants with a single strap hanging from each hip, and around her neck is an indigo scarf held with some fancy badge.

Personality Edit

Like the text said earlier, Kiria is rather pompous. She's always trying to show off, and thinks she's better than everyone else. Again, she is often found with Kuronekohime, though they are very different. While Kuronekohime has a girlish taste, Kiria is rather tomboyish. Uzume is also a beta tester, but works solo. The CPU goddesses also will appear in 4GO as Beta Testers.

Trivia Edit

  • Kiria is a very obvious reference to the main character of the series Sword Art Online, Kirito (AKA Kazuto Kirigaya). They both are Beta Testers, have similar looks, and have 'Kiri' in their name.

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