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Yellow, Blue, and Orange Idea Chips

Idea Chips (Also known as Developer Chips) are unique items that can be burned into various Game Discs first appearing in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and every other subsequent game afterwards. These chips once burned onto a disc, have the ability to provide special helpful boosts such as EXP Bonuses, Loot Drop Increase, Decreased required SP for attacks, and many more. All chips are levelled which affects the amplification of the stat boost, with the highest level being 5.


Idea Chips are recieved just as any other normal drop from monsters, and bosses. In addition, Idea Chips can be found in Material Harvest spots, and both hidden and visible treasure boxes while in a dungeon using the treasure search function , as well as gifts from completing dungeon floors in Stella's ☆ Dungeon.


All Idea Chips are divided into three different types which can be identified by the colors of YellowBlue, and Orange, each influencing it's own branch of stats:

Yellow ChipsEdit

Yellow Chips mostly affects offensive attributes on the character.

  • EXE Drive Increase per attack
  • Decreased wait time in between turns
  • Increased chances of dealing a critical hit
  • Decreased SP to use skills
  • Chance of inflicting Skill Steal on attack
  • Chance of inflicting Poison on attack
  • Decreases SP Drain while HDD is activated
  • Chance to inflict Paralysis on attack
  • Immunity to Skill Steal effect
  • Nullification of all status afflications

Blue ChipsEdit

Blue Chips influence resistance towards various types of damages from different types of enemies.

  • Resistance against Dragon-type foes
  • Resistance against Ghost-type foes
  • Resistance against Insect-type foes
  • Resistance against Plant-type foes
  • Resistance against Aguatic-type foes
  • Resistance against Dogoo-type foes
  • Resistance against Avian-type foes
  • Resistance against Data-type foes
  • Resistance against Animal-type foes
  • Resistance against Vader-type foes
  • Resistance against Machine-type foes
  • Resistance against Inorganic-type foes
  • Resistance against Physical attacks
  • Resistance against Magical attacks

Orange ChipsEdit

Red Chips affects during-battle attributes and post-battle results.

  • Increase in Item Drop Rate
  • HP restoration after battle
  • SP restoration after battle
  • EXE Guage restoration on the character's turn
  • Gradual HP recovery
  • SP restored on your turn
  • HP restored on your turn
  • Increased Escape Odds
  • Gained Credits increased
  • Gained EXP after battle increased
  • Increased resistance against critcal hits
  • Lily Rank increased faster after battle

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