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Key QuestsEdit

RankQuest NameTypeShare IncreaseShare DecreaseTargetRewardsQuest OriginClientDetailsComment
E[Noobs] Dogoo damage!HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Dogoo x5500 C
Herb x8
Life Fragment(PP)
Dogoo Jelly x6
PlaneptuneNep's Fanclub Prez"We want to maintain the peace in Planeptune so Lady Nep will always smile! Let's begin by getting rid of some nearby monsters!"
E[Urget] VerificationHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Exhausted Jelly x5500 C
Life Fragment
PlaneptuneS.F"I imagine I will get stronger if the skill 'wild' activates by beating 130 of the lazy jelly things. I want you to try it out. Try it! Go!"
E[Donate] Will he see me?FindPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Mysterious Halo x21000 C
Healing Grass
PlaneptuneHemily"I like my childhood friend, Brad, but he likes some other girl and won't look at me. Like the other day, he got a ribbon from that girl and was all this and that! Oh, sorry! I got off topic. Anyway, I want to give him a present I think he needs. Please help me look for it."
E[Bond] Best ingredientFindPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Negative Sap x21000 C
Herb x3
PlaneptuneDeera"I'm making a figure to present at the next Danwa Festival, but due to the nature of the materials, I ran out of special glue. I looked up the ingredients and if I can just put some Negative Sap in another glue I have, it should work. I think the Hikky monster has it. Could you get it for me?"
E[Desire] Lovely riceFindPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Begging Bowl x2500 C
Illegal Circuit
PlaneptuneAdventurous Wife"A Begging Bowl is a helmet made from metal, right? I think it might be perfect for rice! I want to try it out, so could you please get one for me?"
E[Urgent] Demon treasureFindLastation +3%Lowee -3%Crystal Skull x3500 C
Healing Grass
LastationArchaeologist I"H-Hey. I heard that if you defeat a certain monster, you can get the same Crystal Skull as the one I have. I want to verify mine, so could you please get one for me? No aliens. I promise. Ugh..."
E[Fierce] Save her!HuntingPlaneptune +5%Lowee -5%Ancient Dragon500 C
SP Charger x3
E[Bone] Rock SoulHuntingPlaneptune +5%Lowee -5%Skeleton x5500 C
Healing Grass x10
E[Machine] Robo MachineHuntingPlaneptune +5%Lowee -5%R4i-SDHC500 C
Healing Pod x3
E[Pathos] Mid-Age BluesFindLowee +3%Planeptune -3%Old Man's Pathos x2500 C
Yellow Petal x1
E[Mistaken] Greeting?HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Kupokitty x5500 C
Healing Grass
E[Envy] DetestableHuntingLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Inky x5
Ms. Inky x5
500 C
E[Fierce] Flame WolfHuntingLeanbox +4%Planeptune -4%Flame Fenrir5,000 C
STR Booster
E[Arrogance] KinglyFindLowee +3%Planeptune -3%King Crown x2500 C
Healing Grass
E[Blazing] Marrow burnsFindLeanbox +3%Planeptune -3%Flamin' Bone x2500 C
E[Isolation] The LeagueHuntingLowee +3%Planeptune -3%Renegade Dogoo
Renegade Horsebird
500 C

Rank Advancement QuestsEdit

RankQuest NameTypeShare IncreaseShare DecreaseTargetRewardsQuest OriginClientDetailsComment
AAdvancement Test 5HuntingLeanbox +6%Planeptune -6%Vestiges of Momus50,000 C
BAdvancement Test 4HuntingEden +6%Lowee -6%Plaid Dolphin25,000 C
Goddess Bangle (PP)
CAdvancement Test 3HuntingLastation +6%Leanbox -6%Turtle20,000 C
Industry First(chip)
DAdvancement Test 2FindLowee +6%Lastation -6%Magical Wolf Fang15,000 C
SP Charger x3
EAdvancement Test 1HuntingLastation +6%Lowee -6%Phoenix2,000 C
Shooting RPG(chip) x2
LastationThe Quest Board"For this advancement test, please defeat the following monster(s): Phoenix x1 (check Bandicrash)"

Repeatable QuestsEdit

RankQuest NameTypeShare IncreaseShare DecreaseTargetRewardsQuest OriginClientDetailsComment
SInfected announcement!HuntingLastation +6%Lowee -6%Viral Mareshimono x26,500 C
Strategic Smarts(chip)
SThe newest weapon!?HuntingLastation +4%Lowee -4%Suppression Prototype x47,000 C
INT Booster Z
AGI Booster Z
STR Booster Z
SA secret requestFindLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Illegal Motherboard x57,000 C
INT Booster Z x2
SMagic originsHuntingLowee +3%Lastation -3%Magical Dogoo x87,000 C
SHe who loves tanks 3HuntingLowee +4%Planeptune -4%Armored Car Type 100 x47,000 C
Surprise Encounter (chip)
SBitter tree barkFindLowee +3%Leanbox -3%Negative Bark x57,000 C
P. SP Charge 2 x2
SGot it!FindLastation +3%Planeptune -3%Pachimon Circuit x57,000 C
Energy Lump
SGuards also train!HuntingLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Leanbox High Guard7,000 C
INT Booster Z x2
STraded circuitsHuntingLeanbox +4%Lastation -4%Lost Dragon x47,000 C
Includes Videos(chip)
SCat boxerHuntingLeanbox +3%Planeptune -3%Boxer Cat x87,000 C
SA genius requestHuntingLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Skull x87,000 C
Third Crusher(PP)
SIt's just data!FindLowee +3%Planeptune -3%Shaking Leaf x57,000 C
STR Booster Z x2
STo say farewellHuntingLeanbox +4%Planeptune -4%Suzaku x47,000 C
Maiden Game(chip) x3
SEntropy, etcFindLeanbox +3%Lastation -3%Contracted Ball x57,000 C
Reflex x4
SBlooming tragedyHuntingLowee +3%Lastation -3%Orange Flower x87,000 C
Paralaxin x4
SMemories of that dayFindPlaneptune +3%Leanbox -3%Nice Memories...7,000 C
Bullet Hell(chip)
AExtracurricularsHuntingLeanbox +6%Eden -6%Acrux x25,500 C
All Attacks(chip)
ASubmissive studentsHuntingLowee +6%Eden -6%Mekidrygar x21,800 C
Maxim Hammer(PP)
AThe CPU we wished forHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Spotted Plum-met x86,500 C
P. SP Charger x3
AA greeeeat man!HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Speckle x86,500 C
Reflex x3
ANegotiation failureHuntingPlaneptune +4%Leanbox -4%Kerberos x46,500 C
Robot (chip)
AHate! Green!FindLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Green Block x56,500 C
Aging Romanticism
ATrapFindLastation +3%Planeptune -3%Indulgence x56,500 C
Flamin' Petal
AStress reliefHuntingLowee +3%Planeptune -3%Tetrisi x86,500 C
AGI Booster Z x2
AA gas trapHuntingLowee +3%Lastation -3%Cass Trap x86,500 C
INT Booster Z x2
AUnfortunate monsterHuntingLowee +4%Leanbox -4%Orthros x46,500 C
Can't Grind(chip)
ARare flute maker 2FindLeanbox +3%Lastation -3%Magical Beak x51,800 C
Lord Lance(PP)
AMid-Age romanceFindLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Aging Romanticism x56,500 C
Horsebird Feather x5
APeerless ingredients 2FindLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Amazing Jelly x56,500 C
Energy Lump x2
AEnemy in townHuntingPlaneptune +5%Lowee -5%80 Quadrillion G.o.M. x37,000 C
Soccer(chip) x2
AThat! You know!FindPlaneptune +4%Lowee -4%Old Dragon...Huh?7,000 C
Motion Controller(chip) x2
ASummer romanceFindPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Soluble Cloth x57,000 C
AGI Booster Z x2
BNot defective...HuntingLowee +6%Leanbox -6%Nemesis x34,000 C
BWhat is the best?HuntingLowee +3%Eden -3%Red Dogoo x85,500 C
Erde Crystal x3
BThat badgeFindPlaneptune +4%Eden -4%Peace Badge x25,500 C
Energy Fragment
BCombat trainingHuntingLeanbox +3%Eden -3%Leanbox Soldier x85,500 C
P. SP Charger
BAaaah, Lady Vert!HuntingLeanbox +3%Eden -3%Crack Tail x85,500 C
BCrab of misfortuneHuntingLeanbox +4%Eden -4%Forest Crab x41,800 C
BLastation in armsHuntingLastation +5%Leanbox -5%Deus Ex Machina x35,500 C
INT Booster Z
BSoul! Hobby soul!FindPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Hobby Soul x55,500 C
AGI Booster Z
BArfoire ban... 2!FindLastation +3%Eden -3%Illegal Tech x55,500 C
Energy Fragment
BHe who loves tanksFindLastation +4%Eden -4%Big Boom Shell x25,500 C
Older Man(Chip)
BRobot rageHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%R-4 Custom x81,800 C
BGimme fin soupHuntingPlaneptune +4%Eden -4%Cyber Dolphin x45,500 C
Numb Jelly x2
BTripping the riftHuntingLowee +3%Leanbox -3%Hyperdimension Dogoo x35,500 C
Teen Makeover(chip)
BPunish itHuntingEden +3%Planeptune -3%King Cardbird x86,000 C
Indulgence x3
BMy fantasy...!HuntingEden +3%Leanbox -3%Magma Boy x8
Magma Girl x8
1,800 C
Demon Blade Curse(PP)
BScaredHuntingEden +3%Lastation -3%Rafflesia x86,000 C
STR Booster Z
BPeerless ingredientsFindPlaneptune +4%Eden -4%Nice Meat x26,000 C
All Nighter(chip)
BHe who loves tanks 2HuntingLastation +4%Eden -4%Tank Type 99 x46,000 C
BCat pubesFindLeanbox +3%Eden -3%Cat Paw x56,000 C
P. SP Charge 2 x2
BWandering scent fetishFindPlaneptune +3%Eden -3%Fragrant Thread x56,000 C
Energy Lump x2
CThe Famous 'That'HuntingLastation +6%Planeptune -6%Replicant x22,500 C
CSuspicious folksHuntingLowee +6%Lastation -6%Strange Person2.500 C
CRare guitar controllerFindPlaneptune +6%Lowee -6%Guitar Controller2,500 C
Free Scenario(chip)
C('· Ï Â· `) Ran RanHuntingLastation +3%Planeptune -3%High-bit Custom x54,000 C
CRevengeHuntingLowee +3%Lastation -3%Ruffian Cat x51,200 C
Turbo Hammer(PP)
CSpec-buster?HuntingLowee +5%Lastation -5%Unplanned Dogoo4,000 C
CGiant cansHuntingLeanbox +3%Planeptune -3%Lost Boy x5
Lost Girl x5
4,000 C
AGI Booster
CMagical girl requestFindLeanbox +4%Planeptune -4%Old Dragon...Ball x34,000 C
Energy Fragment
CGetting creeped up onHuntingPlaneptune +5%Lastation -5%8 Trillion G.o.M.4,000 C
Emotional Game(chip)
CGolem creationFindLeanbox +3%Lastation -3%Magical Core x31,200 C
CFuro RistanHuntingLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Floristan x54,000 C
Lost Ribbon x2
CEvil classroomFindPlaneptune +3%Leanbox -3%Heretic Jelly x34,000 C
AGI Booster
CA real idiotHuntingLastation +3%Planeptune -3%Cuberial x54,000 C
CArise! NEETs!HuntingLastation +4%Lowee -4%Giant Dogoo x34,000 C
CRetirement regretsFindLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Yello Earth Pipe4,000 C
CEw, carrots!HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Carroteer1,200 C
Beam Buster(PP)
CTo be a bone master...FindPlaneptune +3%Leanbox -3%Horsebird Thight4,000 C
Flamin' Petal
CBonds are LOVE!FindPlaneptune +5%Lowee -5%Dragon Soul x31,200 C
Unlucky Rabbit(PP)
CWhat's in clay pipes?HuntingLeanbox +3%Planeptune -3%Plom-met x55,000 C
CI wanna beat her!FindPlaneptune +4%Leanbox -4%Black Ribbon x35,000 C
STR Booster
CTraining Regimen 1HuntingLeanbox +5%Lastation -5%Cat Squirrel Rider x35,000 C
INT Booster
CUltimate cooking itemsFindLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Molten Stone x35,000 C
Crimson Stone x6
CI'll mess stuff up!FindLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Blazing Ore5,000 C
Jet-black Scale x3
CSuper happyHuntingLowee +3%Lastation -3%Coyote x51,500 C
CUnchanging weaknessHuntingLowee +3%Lastation -3%Wood Skeleton x55,000 C
Energy Fragment
CKnock 'em all out!HuntingLowee +4%Lastation -4%1000-Year Turtle x31,500 C
Hades Bangle(PP)
CI want to go public!HuntingLastation +4%Planeptune -4%Next-Gen Ricky x31,500 C
Power Hammer(PP)
CAngelic cursesFindLastation +3%Lowee -3%Jet-Black Scale x35,000 C
Healing Pod
CA fun contractFindLowee +3%Leanbox -3%Magical Contract x31,500 C
Black Crow(PP)
DAn evolving tomorrowFindLastation +6%Lowee -6%AG System2,000 C
Die So Fast(chip)
DProtagonist requisitesHuntingLastation +6%Lowee -6%Achilles2,000 C
DEliminate firearmsHuntingLastation +3%Lowee -3%Cold Boy x5
Cold Girl x5
2,500 C
Copper Ore x4
DGetting seven togetherFindLowee +4%Lastation -4%Wooden Shell x22,500 C
Data Crystal x2
DHina DollFindPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Wolf Fur x32,500 C
Cell Antenna x3
DArrogant new CPUHuntingLowee +4%Lastation -4%High Bit x52,500 C
STR Booster
DForced friendlinessHuntingLowee +5%Lastation -5%Ice Whale x12,500 C
DA heavy request!FindPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Earth Crystal x32,500 C
Life Fragment x5
DReally...FindLastation +4%Lowee -4%Unexploded Shell2,500 C
Famous Voice(chip)
DClean, kill, repeatHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Hyena x52,500 C
Red Petal
DWaterproof robotHuntingLastation +5%Lowee -5%Gargoyle2,500 C
Invisible Ribbon
D7 sparkling lightsFindLowee +3%Lastation -3%Rainbow Wing x32,500 C
INT Booster
DExpensive absenceHuntingLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Lean Tuna x53,000 C
Copper Ore x5
Iron Ore x5
DStrong crabHuntingLastation +4%Leanbox -4%Big Crab x21,000 C
Metal Bringer(PP)
DBeansprout challengeFindLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Radish Leaf x3100 C
AGI Booster
DArfoire ban...FindLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Illegal ROM x33,000 C
DNew parts in stock!?FindLastation +5%Leanbox -5%Magical Reactor 23,000 C
Voice Actor(chip)
DThe legendary...!?HuntingLeanbox +3%Lastation -3%Moulin Rouge x53,000 C
SP Charger
DRare flute makerFindPlaneptune +3%Leanbox -3%Fat Beak x33,000 C
DPosion positionFindLeanbox +3%Lowee -3%Venomous Thread x33,000 C
INT Booster
DNursingFindLowee +5%Lastation -5%Newbie Nurse Cap3,000 C
Auto-map Dungeon
DThe star-seekerHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Boxbird x53,000 C
Night Moon Grass x10
DNew hair ornamentHuntingLastation +3%Leanbox -3%Fairyfly x51,000 C
Next-Gen Katana(PP)
DUniversal buddyHuntingLowee +5%Leanbox -5%Eggplant Rider1,000 C
Suspicious Bangle(PP)
DExpensive boxFindLeanbox +3%Lastation -3%Black Box Set x33,000 C
Yellow Petal
EShampuru!HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Normal Shampuru x5500 C
Dogoo Jelly x3
PlaneptuneShampuru Lover"Shampurus are so cute! I want one as a pet, but I wonder if I can do it... I want you to teach me how to make nice with them. Could you please go and play with some and then let me know your thoughts?"
EThe Eastern FieldHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Sunflowery x52000 C
Life Fragment
PlaneptuneParasol Girl"The sunflowers in the field I was taking care of have run off. Could uou please get rid of them for me? I could do it myself with my flamethrower, but it would be too hard on me to do it to the cute things I took care of. Burning them all up at once shouldn't be a bother, right?"
EMy Liege...FindLowee +3%Planeptune -3%Large Beak x32000 C
PlaneptuneLoyal Vassal"When the lord of my land becomes a fowl, he wishes for a wonderful beak. Peasants, find a fitting beak for our growing lord."
EMix and mix wellFindPlaneptune +5%Lowee -5%Premium Jelly1000 C
Stupid Game(chip)
PlaneptuneOld Broad"Take good quality dogoo jelly, add water and then mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, it well. Then add flour and eat it! Delish!"
EDogs are hotHuntingLastation +3%Lowee -3%Ice Skeleton x52000 C
Blue Seed x2
LastationBreeder"It's been so hot the last few days that our dog is out of sorts. Maybe if we give him a cold bone, he'll feel better? The ice skeletons that often appear when we go for walks... If someone could beat one of them, maybe..."
EKOMO's KitchenFindLastation +3%Lowee -3%Gel Feeler x32000 C
Sunflower Seed
LastationKOMO"Today in KOMO's kitchen... I'll take some Gelatine Antennae and add a lot of olive oil, then... huh? I don't have any Gelatin Antennae? This is no good! It is urgent, so please get me some right away!"
ERandom intentionsFindLastation +4%Planeptune -4%Dolphin Tail x22000 C
Night Moon Grass
LastationShessy Pard"Right now, I'm researching an artificial dolphin tail from dolphins who have lost their own in plastic soda can ring accidents. In order to finish, I need a real dolphin's tail. Hmm... is there some kind of inconsistency in here?"
EBourbonFindLowee +3%Lastation -3%Palpitation x32000 C
AGI Booster
LoweeEternal College Student"Welcome. I guess this is called 'trying the patience of a saint.' I don't expect forgiveness. But when I show you this request, I'm sure you'll experience a new feeling. Could you find me such a 'palpitation' somewhere in this bloodthirsty world?"
EShampuru Festival!HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Normal Shampuru x5
Magical Shampuru x5
Dangerous Shampuru
2000 C
Radish Leaf x2
Carrot Leaf x2
PlaneptuneShampuru Lover"Thanks for telling me about Shampurus before! I really want one now! But it seems that there are several varieties, like ones who use magic and dangerous ones. Please tell me which one is the best! Go out and let me know your thoughts!"
ETrade PassFindPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Metal Jelly x32000 C
Tuffmil x3
PlaneptuneAnonymous"(Request) Metal Jelly x3 (Reward) Tuffmil x3 No need to exchange words."
EUndergroundFindLastation +3%Lowee -3%Illegal Circut x32000 C
Herb x3
Healing Grass x3
Night Moon Grass x3
LastationAlley Delinquent"In this world there apparently exists a wonderful illegal circuit. If you put it in a certain piece of hardware, then you can use CD-Rs... Oh, I shouldn't say any more than this! I really want that wonderful circuit..."
EMushroom vs. BambooFindPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Matango Spore x3500 C
Life Fragment
LastationMushroom Fan"I want to grow mushrooms, so please bring me spores. If I can do it, I can increase production and get rid of those hated bamboo shoots."
EThey're on the move!FindLastation +3%Lowee -3%Magical Fragment x32000 C
LastationOne-winged Angel"Ugh, what is this? The 14th Death God, 'Death 14' was able to damage my armor. This isn't armor at all! It is made to contain my power, the 'unbelievable force'... If this keeps up, I myself shall bring about the great catastrophe!"
EChallengerFindLastation +3%Lowee -3%Holy Whale Ball x32000 C
AGI Booster
EMy Summer VacationHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Tulip x5500 C
AGI Booster
PlaneptuneMarutake"This is bad. Summer vacation is about to end, but I haven't done my homework at all! At this rate, my teacher will be all up in my grill! Help me out! For now, I'll make a tulip observation journal, so go beat some up. Could you do that for me?"Prologue only
EScent FetishFindPlaneptune +3%Lastation -3%Lizard Scale x3500 C
SP Charger
PlaneptuneYoshito Sumeru"*sniff sniff* I'm Yoshito Sumeru and I love different odors and fragrances! That might make me a prevert, ut I don't intend to bother people. Right now, I'm into the way reptiles smell. So please bring me some reptile scales or something. Of course, you will be rewarded."Prologue only
EI Hate RoboHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%M-3 x3500 C
Healing Grass
PlaneptuneSo-called Professor"Ugh! Grr! Hate! I hate robots and mechs! Why is it that I wear thin framed glasses and am known as the So-called Professor all through school!? That's because things like mechs exists in this world! I beg of you! Defeat robots and mechs in my place!"Prologue only
EPure 2 HeartFindPlaneptune +3%Leanbox -3%Youth Heart x3500 C
Mushroom Spore
PlaneptunePoki"Fly! Poki's Pure 2 Heart! But it wont fly. In order to get my pure heart to fly, maybe a youthful heart is pure enough... In order to make my 46-year-old Pure 2 Heart fly, I need a Youth's Heart! Please bring it to me!"Prologue only
EDon't wanna work...HuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Sergeant Froggy x51000 C
Healing Grass
PlaneptuneAn Zu"I don't want to work, or maybe I just want to go home. In any event, I just don't want to do anything. I'm sure there's monsters like that out there, too. Could you get one of them to work in my place? I'm sure the specs will be the same between two people who don't want to work, so it'll work out just fine."Chapter 1 only
EShiny Quest ãâHuntingPlaneptune +3%Lowee -3%Pixelvader x51000 C
Healing Grass
PlaneptunePsychoelectric Idol"Me Adventurer. Mr. Adventurer bzzt bzzt. I'm going to hold an outdoor concert in Planeptune. But apparently dangerous monsters live in the place I want to hold it. Scary! Could you get rid of the monsters for the sake of my fans?"Chapter 1 only


RankQuest NameLevelShare IncreaseShare DecreaseTargetRewardsComment
ADimension Destroyer105Lastation +3%Planeptune -3%True DOS Arfoire20,000 C
Business Sin(PP)
Healing Light
Chapter 10
ATari's CPU95Leanbox +3%Planeptune -3%Rei Ryghts20,000 C
Healing Light x4
BDeity of Sin, Redux80Planeptune +3%Leanbox -3%CFW Arfoire10,000 C
Crime Action(chip)
Healing Light x2
P. SP Charge 2 x2
Chapter 10
B80 God of Magatsuhi85Lowee +3%Planeptune -3%80 God of Magatsuhi10,000 C
Surprise Encounter(chip)
Healing Light x3
P. SP Charge 2 x2
BThe Originator99Planeptune +3%Lowee -3%True Arfoire10,000 C
Core User-oriented(chip)
Healing Light x3
P. SP Charge 2 x2
BIllegal is Bad!100Lowee +3%Leanbox -3%True Copypaste10,000 C
Healing Light x2
P. SP Charge 2 x2
BEden's CPU99Lowee +3%Planeptune -3%Yellow Heart10,000 C
Healing Light x3
P. SP Charge 2 x2
CYay, Pirachu! *kiss*75Planeptune +3%Lowee -3%Pirachu x65,000 C
Healing Field x2
Gold Tome(PP)
Chapter 10
CEggplant Panic85Planeptune +3%Leanbox -3%Delphi Eggplant
Eggplant Binder
Eggplant Knight
5,000 C
Infrared Comm.(chip)
P. SP Charge 2 x2
Purple Tome(PP)
CValiant Justice85Lastation +3%Leanbox -3%CFW Brave5,000 C
Limited Edition(chip)
Healing Field x2
Black Tome(PP)
CGravekeeper of Atrocity85Leanbox +3%Lowee -3%CFW Judge5,000 C
Bearded Italian(chip)
P. SP Charge 2 x2
Green Tome(PP)
CMr. Policeman. Hurry!85Lowee +3%Lastation -3%CFW Trick5,000 C
Teen Makeover(chip)
Healing Field x2
White Tome(PP)
CThe CPU of the CFW90Planeptune +3%Lowee -3%CFW Magic5,000 C
CLet Me Show Off90Lowee +3%Leanbox -3%Mister Badd5,000 C
P. SP Charge 2 x2
CNoire's Trouble95Lastation +3%Lowee -3%Anonydeath
Item Jammer Pod +
Skill Jammer Pod +
5,000 C
Crazy Difficult(chip)
CSadist Plutie95Lastation +3%Planeptune -3%Iris Heart5,000 C
Older Man(PP)
P. SP Charge 2 x2
Megapolis H
DWorker's Enemy55Leanbox +3%Planeptune -3%Monday x63,000 C
Custom Sound(chip)
Shiro Pluto Aegis(PP)
DOur Enemy55Lowee +3%Leanbox -3%Christmas x63,000 C
Ripped Macho(chip)
Chapter 6
DIts is Year 0...55Planeptune +3%Lastation -3%Valentine's Day x63,000 C
Hover Movement
Mr. Bee Strap(PP)
DOver Our Dead Bodies60Lastation +3%Lowee -3%Monday
Valentine's Day
3,000 C
Wide Market(chip)
Monkey Bracelet(PP)
DNorth Pole Fun55Lowee +3%Planeptune -3%Ice Garuda
Frozen Hell Lord
Frozen Hermit Crab
Frozen Flower
3,000 C
V Critical(PP)
DPurgatory55Lastation +3%Lowee -3%Flame Bird
Blaze Crab
Incandescent Crab
Magma Golem
3,000 C
Hunter's Charm(PP)
DThe Wind, uh, Blows55Leanbox +3%Lastation -3%Servant of Fuujin
Weathervane Crab
Wind Whale
3,000 C
Blaze Emblem(PP)
DThunder and Lightning55Leanbox +3%Lowee -3%Servant of Raijin
Raijin Soldier
Thunder Dolem
3,000 C
Triangle Force(PP)
DFather's Diary60Lowee +3%Lastation -3%Mister Badd3,000 C
Special Controller(chip)
Chapter 10
DA Maiden's Heart60Lastation +3%Planeptune -3%Anonydeath3,000 C
The Hellis Allthis(chip)
DLet's HEAT UP!60Leanbox +3%Lastation -3%New Model Copypaste3,000 C
Middle School(chip)
EMany Dogoos40Planeptune +3%Lowee -3%Dogoo x41,000 C
Healing Pod x5
Nep Bull C x5
SP Charger x5
EEat it Friend42Lowee +3%Lastation -3%Baby Bug x41,000 C
Anti-Venom x5
Anti-paralysis x5
Anti-Seal x5
EHell's Comb45Leanbox +3%Lowee -3%Hell's Comb x61,000 C
INT Booster Z x5
AGI Booster Z x5
STR Booster Z x5
EContract With Me!45Lastation +3%Leanbox -3%Red Eye x41,000 C
Nepbull SP x3
Energy Fragment x3
EGame Heaven45Lowee +3%Lastation -3%In-the-way Dogoo
WD Head
Mushroom Bro
Coin Man
Rolly Ball
1,000 C
Panacea x5
Super Panacea x3
Chapter 6
EGame Hell50Lastation +3%Lowee -3%Rebirth Hand
Shiny Cherry
Bearded Surfer
Stumbly Turtle
1,000 C
SP Charger x5
P. SP Charger x3
P. SP Charge 2

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