After Arfoire was defeated 3 years ago by Nepgear and her friends' faith, the CPU's have been gaming.

Beginning PlotEdit

The CPUs are fighting in a game. Noire, Blanc and Vert gang up on Neptune and defeat her, and Neptune says if only she didn't abandon Nepgear she might have won. Outside of the game, Neptune complains that everyone ganged up on her, while Noire reveals it was supposed to be Nepgear's turn and Neptune just grabbed the controller away. The CPUs get snacks for the rematch and Histoire yells at Neptune and Nepgear for Neptune being too lazy and gaming too much, while Nepgear always jumps at the chance of spoiling Neptune and the other CPUs. Histoire lectures them about being a CPU, while the other CPUs take their leave. After Histoire lectures them, Histoire hopes they took a look at themselves but Neptune says she drifted off at the CPU part, Nepgear whispering to her about the details. Histoire gets mad and kicks them out of the house, forcing them to go and do what a real CPU should do.


Nepgear and Neptune go to grab some Quests, and Neptune jokes around how lame it's that she's Planeptune's CPU yet she has to go and do grunt work herself. Before they start their quest, Nepgear reveals that she's been jealous of how Neptune only plays with Noire, Blanc, and Vert, yet she doesn't give Nepgear any chance. Neptune apologizes and then Nepgear tells her she's happy that she can now have Neptune for herself for the whole day.

Visiting the other CPUsEdit

After the quest and being all manly and killing stuff, Neptune suggests that they should visit the other CPUs.

Rei Ryght's AppearanceEdit

Workity Workity Work, Lonely Lonely Nep!Edit

While strolling around the woods, Neptune comes across Rei who is half-asleep.

Key eventsEdit

  • Neptune is back to Lvl 1.
  • Rei Ryght's first appearance.
  • Rei Ryghts gains power.
  • Neptune fell to a different dimension.

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