Dimension Voyager Mars (次元航海者マルス Jiku Jigen Koukai-sha Mars) , is RPG developed by Idea Factory and Published Compile Heart, it released for PS4.



EP 01: Awakening Edit

EP 02: Purple Progressor Edit



  • Mars (Magenta Heart) - Androgynous young boy and dungeon quester from Hyperdimension. He has lack of emotion. After acquire CPU power from Custoire via her Verse Cube, Mars capable to transform into Magenta Heart.
  • Custoire - Mysterious entity who guard Verse Cube. She give Mars a CPU power and ask help to protect her and find Chrono Ring fragment before Megiddo Apostles.

Party Partner Edit

CPU Edit

  • Neptune (Purple Heart)
  • Noire (Black Heart)
  • Vert (Green Heart)
  • Blanc (White Heart)
  • Nepgear (Purple Sister)
  • Uni (Black Sister)
  • Rom & Ram (White Sister)
  • Plutia (Iris Heart)
  • Peashy (Yellow Heart)

Maker Edit

  • Atlus - Owner of Atlus equipment shop, she very polite and friendly. But very scary while angry especially if someone make a mess in her shop.
  • IF
  • Compa
  • A


Megiddo Ten Apostles Edit

Diabolic group dwells Forbidden Dimension. They targeted Portal Chains and Verse Cube for their unknown agenda.

  • Phantom The Unborn - Mysterious deity who rule Forbidden Dimension.
  • Super Duper Ultra Wonderful Genius Scientist Professor SF (Sinister Faust)
  • Insane Crazy School Girl Glitcheena
  • Battle Maniac Hell Knight Bete
  • Abandoned Exiled Goddess Trideese
  • SM Bishop Ryonaldo
  • Sinful Witch Arfoire
  • Assassin of Confusion HoDe
  • Big Bad Rat Warechu
  • Really Really Evil Underling Linda
  • Linda sisters

Other Edit

  • Grimoire
  • Izayoi Shinkumichi
  • Histoire


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