Shin Samuel and Neptune: Birth into Sleep (Shin Samueru to Nepute~yūnu: Suimin e no Shussan 新サムエルとネプテューヌ:睡眠への出産?) is the Japan-only 2016 action-adventure monster taming game and the sequel to PR: Hyperdimension 3 released on Nintendo 3DS, Gamecube S and PS4 in June 1, 2016. This game was take place after event of Team Flare arc.


New GameplayEdit

  • Break-Evolution and Cross-Evolution from two previous installments was merged into new type of evolution of Crossbreak-Evolution. This gameplay which allows the Teen CPU evolves into the Cross CPU with the Level Up Break.
  • You can choose either Ryouta or Riku as main story protagonist while they were ally when you choose one.

Returning GameplayEdit

  • Explore Free-roaming Neptuni Center and seven location islands.
  • Hatch your CPU Egg and raise your CPU to make stronger.
  • Recruiting CPU by giving them a food.
  • Battle CPUs.
  • Evolve the CPUs by requirements.


Prologue: Chaos VirusEdit

In few years after Team Flare's destruction,

Chapter 1: The CPU ReawakeningEdit


Main CharactersEdit


  • Neptune/Purple Heart
  • Nepgear/Purple Sister
  • Double Dee
  • Blanc/White Heart
  • Ram/White Sister Pink
  • Rom/White Sister Sky
  • Noire/Black Heart
  • Uni/Black Sister
  • Vert/Green Heart
  • Rei Ryghts/Soul Heart


Chaos DimensionalEdit

Major BossesEdit

Minor BossesEdit


  • This game will adapted into Power Rangers: Tri-logue.

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