PR: Hyperdimension 3 (also known as PR: MegaHyperdimension) is the American-exclusive 3D action-rpg monster-taming game and sequel to PR: Hyperdimension 2 released on both Japan and North America in June 3, 2013 on Nintendo 3DS. Unlike the previous installment, this game is Samuel Nakaoka the Second was absent due to his supposedly cease to exist and instead used Riku Miyagusuku as a main character who become Lime Heart.

This story take place after Megaforce where Riku finds the strange phenomenon where someone merging the timestream.


New GameplayEdit

Returning GameplayEdit

  • Explore Free-roaming Neptuni Center and seven location islands.
  • Hatch your CPU Egg and raise your CPU to make stronger.
  • Recruiting CPU by giving them a food.
  • Battle CPUs.
  • Evolve the CPUs by requirements.
  • You can customize CPUs' hair, outfits/armor or weapons.


Intro: New BeginningEdit

Prologue: MajumbaEdit




  • Young Samuel Nakaoka the Second/Samurai Megaforce Red/Red Heart
  • Robo Knight
  • Teen Gohan
  • Samurai Jack
  • Ikra
  • Aku
  • Neptune/Purple Heart/Darkness Heart
  • Nepgear
  • Blanc
  • Noire
  • Vert
  • Arfoire


Time SoockerEdit

Major BossesEdit

Minor BossesEdit


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