PR: Hyperdimension 2 (サムエルとネプテューヌ2: ハイパーツイン冒険 Samueru to Nepute~yūnu 2: Haipā Tsuin Bōken?, lit. Samuel and Neptune 2: Hyper Twin Adventures) is the 3D action-rpg monster-taming game and the direct sequel to the first PR: Hyperdimension released on both Japan and North America in June 3, 2011 on Gamecube S and PS3. This story take place after Clash of the Red Rangers in Samurai after rejoin the group. Having celebrate about Samuel Nakaoka the Second's happy reunion, Nagisa and Ryouta come to visit Samuel Nakaoka the Second about his reunion. In the rebuilt Neptunia World, the sister of Neptunia named Nepgear who resemblance to her sister who working on the secret of the ancient CPUs. However, the new threat appears on Network R City came and almost destroys the cities. Nepgear come to the Samuel Nakaoka's World and warns Samuel Nakaoka about the new evil arrives and head down to Neptunia World; along with shockingly the sneaky Ryouta who joined him for another adventures with the help of Nepgear to find her lost sister Neptunia.


New GameplayEdit

  • You can customize CPUs' hair, outfits/armor or weapons.
  • Break-Evolution added.

Returning GameplayEdit

  • Explore Free-roaming Neptuni Center and seven location islands.
  • Hatch your CPU Egg and raise your CPU to make stronger.
  • Recruiting CPU by giving them a food.
  • Battle CPUs.
  • Evolve the CPUs by requirements.


Intro: A New ThreatEdit

After the Darkness Heart was defeated,

Prologue: Ryan, Cyan HeartEdit

Chapter 1: Nepgear, Sister of NeptuneEdit

Chapter 2: The Lowee CrisisEdit





Major BossesEdit

Minor BossesEdit


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