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Vital statistics
style="width:70%;" Princess of Planeptunia
The Darkness CPU
The Demon CPU
Race CPU
Hair Color Purple (CPU)
Purple (HDM)
Dark Purple (Darkness Heart)
Eye Color Purple (CPU)
Blue (HDM)
Purple (Darkness Heart)
Weapon Ōdachi
Game PR: Hyperdimension
Anime {{{anime}}}
Voice Actor Rie Tanaka (Japanese)
Melissa Fahn (English)
Faction Neptunias

Neptune (ネプテューヌ Neputyūnu?), real name Neptunia is the protagonist from PR: Hyperdimension and her HDM Mode is Purple Heart. She was actually born from dark half's soul after Shadow's destruction from Black Arms incidents. She doesn't have any memories about her past or origin until Shadow and Kurome reveal her origin and fuse into her black HDM Mode, Darkness Heart.

Samuel Nakaoka forced to fight against Neptune as Darkness Heart and freed her from the dark half's fusion. After saving Neptune, but also regain her memories, she revealed to Samuel Nakaoka the Second that her real name was Neptunia. She decide to want to seal her dark half because of her anger in the past.



Purple HeartEdit

Darkness HeartEdit



Purple HeartEdit

Darkness HeartEdit


PR: HyperdimensionEdit



First Met Samuel NakaokaEdit

The Truth RevealsEdit

After Arfoire's second defeats, Samuel Nakaoka and Neptune successfully obtains the four Crystal Star. Before begin to left off, the mysterious being blasts Neptune and the shadowy person confronts her which is reveals none other than Shadow the Knight. Shadow reveals to Neptune about her origin is part of Darkness Zectorz's soul and someone appears with Shadow behind is Fanon: Kurome Ankokuboshi (PR) and she also reveal Samuel Nakaoka the Second that she revived Shadow from the netherworld and he and Kurome teamed up to destroy Samuel Nakaoka. By revealing their plan, Shadow call upon his super creation Darkness Zectorz by using all seven Crystal Stars in order to fuse with an badly wounded Neptune into a dark form of Purple Heart, Darkness Heart. Their plan to absorb his friends in order to lure Samuel Nakaoka and Neptune into their trap, angering Samuel Nakaoka which he knew that Shadow and Kurome used Arfoire as pawn. However, Darkness Heart's powers was too much for Neptune's CPU Energy which Shadow and Kurome escapes with an depowered Darkness Heart.

Save Purple HeartEdit

Neptune's Real NameEdit

As she was saved by Samuel Nakaoka the Second and reach the last temple where the last Crystal Star restored, Neptune suddenly regains her memories about her past. She then tells Samuel Nakaoka that she was finally remember all.

The Final BattleEdit

Neptune's SayonaraEdit

After her dark half was sealed, Neptune grab the exhausted Samuel Nakaoka and tell him to must live.

PR: Hyperdimension 2Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Purple HeartEdit

Darkness HeartEdit

  • Darkness Odama Sword
  • Darkness Copy - Due to absorbing Samuel Nakaoka's friends, she copies his friends' abilities like Peter's BIRTHDAY equipments.
    • Darkness Drill
    • Void Destruct Cannon - The dark version of Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon.
    • Darkness Thunder
    • Black Cosmic Flare - The dark version of Yusei's Stardust Dragon's Cosmic Flare attack.
    • Orb of Tornami: Dark Water Attack - Stolen by Azurios in order to used Orb of Tornami to corrupts the water into Dark Water and corrupting every living beings.
    • Eye of Daishi: Darkness Storm
    • Seal's Burst of Destruction
    • Darkspine Spin Dash


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