Vital statistics
Race Goddess?
Hair Color Light Purple (As human)
Brown Red (As Crimson Heart)
Eye Color Red (As Mars)
Blue (As Crimson Heart)
Weapon Shield
Game Crossmension Mars: Male Goddess Crimson Heart
Anime N/A
Voice Actor Ayumi Sara (Japanese)
Faction Gateau De Paradis
Also known as Marsha is main protagonist in Crossmension Mars: Male Goddess Crimson Heart.

Personality Edit

As Mars he's totally cowardly shy very afraid when met a people in first met.

Crimson Heart Edit

As Crimson Heart Mars turns more brave and comical but sarcastic person.

Appearance Edit

Crimson Heart Edit


Crimson Heart

Crossmension Mars: Male Goddess Crimson Heart Edit

History Edit

Trivia Edit

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