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Fanon: Lucielle
Vital statistics
Race Demon
Hair Color Blue-purple-red-orrange-yellow
Eye Color Orange
Weapon Scepter
Game Hyperdemon Lucielle: I am the best villain!
Anime TBA
Voice Actor Ayumi Sara (Japanese)
Lucielle is main protagonist and anti-hero in Hyperdemon Lucielle: I am the best villain!. He's a Demon Queen of Central Abyss. He and his Tabblin army plans to conquer Gamindustri to make himself labeled as the best villain.

Appearance Edit

Lucielle wears gothic clothing and a small top hat. He has blue hair and a black set of wings. He has also gotten a devilish looking tail.Although initially believed to be a girl due to how he dresses, he eventually reveals that he is a boy.

Personality Edit

He seems to be timid and easily prone to crying, but he is easily motivated at the prospect of Conquer Gamindustri.

Trivia Edit

  • Lucielle is personification of Arcade Machine.

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