The CPUs also knowns as Computer Program Units is the female-only who lives on their planet Hyperdimension first appeared in PR: Hyperdimension. They were highly intelligent-bionic computer data woman who created from mixing the computer vaccine, data and virus. they are six nations where CPUs lives on:

  • Planeptunia - Based on humans, but they were entirely different.
  • Jungalactic - Based on animals, but entirely human appearances.
  • Dragonudis - Based on dragons, but entirely human appearances.
  • Skynights - Based on birds, but entirely human appearances.
  • Star Navis - Features from military arsenals.
  • Dark Area - Similar to the witches and demons.

These CPUs were coexisted with humans from each worlds when Samuel Nakaoka the Second travels in this case Samuel Nakaoka himself when he was wrapped into the Neptunia World.

There are five stages where the CPUs evolve:

  • Egg (Tamago in Japanese version): The egg when either the male and CPU mate or CPU's death, the CPU's data reincarnates herself as a egg after the CPU's death and turned data and hatch in 1 minute.
  • Infant (Baby in Japanese version): An baby CPU where she was hatched from the egg in 1 minute. The baby CPU does not fight because she was too young which the baby CPU need to evolve by feeding, caring or teach how to use attacks. As the baby CPU fully cared, the baby CPU turned data of lights and evolves into Kid CPU.
  • Kid (Child in Japanese version): An child CPU when the baby CPU evolved by caring. Kid CPU can now fight after the baby CPU evolved.
  • Teen (Adolescent in Japanese version):
  • Adult:
  • Perfect Adult (Goddness in Japanese version):

However, the CPUs were actually rogue because of the horrific war due to two goddesses were mysteriously seperated. The CPUs were recruited by the player by giving the food only a chances to recruit or do "sexual" things while in HDM Mode. Be sure used correctly, otheriwse they causing to berserk; only way to calm the CPUs do used Purificate Call.

Each CPUs has unique abilities to help the player go on the adventure.

CPUs can also evolve into stronger CPU called EPD (also Evolution Program Drive), an program that can evolve by caring, leveling up or other requirements.

As in Shin Samuel x Neptune: Birth into Sleep (and it's adapted version), the CPUs will have a dark counterpart: the Dark CPUs (also in Japanese version; Chaos CPUs).


Before CPUsEdit

Past WarEdit

The Darkness IncidentEdit

The Evil CPU IncidentEdit

Timestream IncidentEdit

Chaos IncidentEdit

Notable MembersEdit


  • Neptune/Purple Heart (Light Half)
  • Neptune/Darkness Heart (Dark Half)




Star NavisEdit

Dark AreaEdit

Earth World (coexisted)Edit

  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second/Red Heart
  • Misumi Ryouta/Cyan Heart
  • Riku Miyagusuku/Lime Heart
  • Any males from other Earth Worlds
  • Any female from other Earth Worlds


  • Unlike the original canon series, the CPUs were not based on the game franchise instead they have motifs.

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