Blanc HDN

White Heart V2

Vital statistics
style="width:70%;" Princess of Skynights
Race CPU
Hair Color Brown (CPU)
Blue (HDM)
Eye Color Blue (CPU)
Red (HDM)
Weapon Hammer (CPU)
Axe/Maul (HDM)
Game PR: Hyperdimension
Anime {{{anime}}}
Voice Actor Kana Asumi (Japanese)
Wendee Lee (English)
Faction White Knights

Blanc (ブラン Buran?) is the protagonist from PR: Hyperdimension and her HDM Mode is White Heart.


Blanc is the same as her original canon counterpart, but there were few differences. During Samuel Nakaoka first met when he was drunk and accidentally injures her by kicking the ball, she got personally angry at Samuel Nakaoka for hurting her


PR: HyperdimensionEdit



Samuel Nakaoka and Blanc Funny MeetingEdit

Red Heart surpassed White HeartEdit

While Rom was rescued by Samuel Nakaoka, Blanc as White Heart, still angry about kicking the ball on her face. She decide to have a revenge battle on Samuel Nakaoka as Red Heart only she was defeated by him. Despite the good battle, Blanc became more enraged than ever, causing she evolves into an giant Goddess White Heart and knocks him out away. Her anger caused her to go rampage and head towards to Lowee Town.

Samuel Nakaoka and Goddess Blanc ConfrontionEdit

Samuel Nakaoka wakes up and see Blanc rampaging on Lowee Town and he transform into Red Heart and find her. As she finds Blanc in the rooftop, Blanc tries to kill Red Heart, but Red Heart used Confession Cosmic Ray to calm Blanc down and devolve back into normal state. After she calmed Blanc down, she apologize for everything she done and she gave Gold Star as a gift for saving her sisters. However, as he almost obtains the Gold Star, Blanc realize that Samuel Nakaoka is going to save his friends and take the Gold Star again like the first encounter with Ram and Rom. Samuel Nakaoka tries to tell about his friends were in danger, but Blanc refuses about making friends with co-existing worlds because she is Skyknight CPU as she transform into White Heart only Ram and Rom told her sister that Samuel Nakaoka need the seven Crystal Stars to save his friends from darkness being even Neptune. This cause to make Blanc shocked that Neptune wa merged with the darkness which she finally understands him and give the Gold Star to him as a promise to save Neptune.

PR: Hyperdimension 2Edit

Samuel Nakaoka and Blanc Second Funny MeetingEdit

During Samuel Nakaoka and Ryouta traveled to Lowee City, Blanc appears alongside with her sisters. However, Blanc infuriated by Samuel Nakaoka bring the wrong books of dirty magazines of huge breasts babes and scolds at him for brought the wrong books as he drunks. Samuel Nakaoka tries to ask Blanc about his important mission and told her about the previous encounters, but Blanc demands him to remove his dirty magazines before Samuel Nakaoka give her the fiction book as she refuses. Blanc tells Samuel Nakaoka that if he doesn't remove the dirty magazines, she become more angrier than the previous encounter and Ryouta removing the dirty magazines which Blanc able to make promise Samuel Nakaoka to do not bring any more dirty magazine.

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