Disc Development that first appears in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, which allows the player implement Idea Chips by burning them into the disc. When equipped, it grants the holder the benefits of whatever Idea Chips were burned into the disc.


To burn a disc, players can access the button within a city's main menu titled 'Disc Development'. There, players can utilize discs currently in the player's inventory to begin burning Idea Chips into them.



In-game disc development menu.

The maximum amount of Idea Chips that can be implemented into a disc is three regardless of what disc is being used, and in addition to having a max capacity for Idea Chips, players can also only burn chips that are equal to, or below the level shown.

Once burned, the player can choose to equip it on any character to apply the stat bonus to that character. Should the player choose so, they can reformat a disc which clears all Idea Chip(s) from that disc.

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