Chaos-K Baron
Image:Placeholder person.png
Chaos-K Baron
Vital statistics
style="width:70%;" Baron's True Form
style="width:70%;" Chaos-Kaiser Baron
Race Human (Chaos CPU)
Hair Color Dark Red (partial)
Violet (partial)
Eye Color Dark Violet
Weapon Chaosurondes
Game Fanon: Shin Samuel x Neptune: Birth to Sleep
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Voice Actor [[Wikipedia:{{{JapaneseVoiceActor}}}|{{{JapaneseVoiceActor}}}]] (Japanese)
Faction Chaos Dimensional

Chaos-K Baron is Lord Baron's moult and Chaos CPU form. After being beaten by Samuel Nakaoka BEAST Mode HeatBlaze and revealing his origins, the mysterious hostile CPU used her Chaos Energy to evolve him into Chaos CPU.


Chaos IncidentEdit

Due to the time distorted by Dark Neptune, she used her Chaos Energy to enters Kumon in Lord Baron's body; causing him to react in pain. Samuel Nakaoka used DeaShotter to try to destroy him, but soon realize that Lord Baron's body remains become the empty shell and revealing himself; Kumon's new form.


  • You will... PAY!!!


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