This category contains various Neptunia games (and mods for other games) that are made by fans (thus unofficial). For official games see Category:Game.

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Fangames Edit

  • Gamindustri Riot - the first ever fangame of the Neptunia series. Made with the Beats of Rage engine with a release date of Fall 2018.

  • Five Nights in Eden - a parody of the Five Nights at Freddy's series. Set in the nation of Eden from the Ultradimension. Made with Game Maker: Studio. Currently in Early Access with a playable Demo.

  • Exadimension Neptunia - a re-imagining of the series as a classic 2D RPG similar to the ones shown in the Credits Sequence of main series Neptunia games. Takes place 2 years after Megadimension Neptunia VII, and features new Villains and Makers. Made with RPG Maker MV. Currently in Early Access with a playable build going up until Chapter 5.

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Visual Novel - a Visual Novel featuring an original character. It will have a combination of linear and non-linear storylines.

  • Nepvania - a parody of Castlevania. Made with RPG Maker VX.

  • HyperDimension Girl Quest! (18+) - an original game incorporating characters from Monster Girl Quest and Neptunia. Made with RPG Maker VX. Split into two parts, the first being completely finished.

  • Neptune Quest - a hybrid game featuring mechanics from Dragon Quest and characters from Neptunia. Made with RPG Maker VX. Currently in Early Access.

  • MEASURE FOR MEASURE -CAVE VS IF- - a text-based browser game set years after the events of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.

  • Buran Duck - descriptions will not do this game justice. Check it out for yourself.

  • BattleDimension Neptunia Conquest - A battle royale style game based on neptunia made in UE4

  • Tales of neptunia - A fangame project based on the "Hyperdimension Neptunia" series made in Unreal Engine 4.

  • if you met your waifu vol.2 (18+) - has plutia in it more of a anime in general fan game for waifus has plutia as an option

Fanmods Edit

civ five mod

main menu replacer for skyrim more neps in skyrim yay

facerig so you can become neptune

tony hawks pro skater[search]=neptunia

neptune vrchat and tutorial

Gal gun double peace

play as ram in skyrim if this guy releases it

100% orange juice neptune

fallout new vegas replace

nep series in fallout 4

city skylines gamindustri

payday 2 neptunia

gmod neps

custom maid 3d 18+

neptunia in resident evil 4

neptunia smash bros

starbound neps

vice city uni

dont starve together mods



xcom 2 mod

gta sa thingy

skyrim mod

skyrim mod 2

nep for dead 2

payday2 nep

civ 6

unreal tournament 3

nude neptunia mods

minecraft neps


custom maid 3d 2

some mods i found re4 10% nep

neptunia sonic generations

yandere simulator

third skyrim mod (has compa) also loverslab so nudity with animal ears!

things to do with the mugen engine?


hearts of iron

world of tanks

gtav nep

not really a mod but its somewhat close to nepnep in dbxv2

but this is a xv2 mod


fire pro wrestling world

scribblenauts unlimited

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