In Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, certain gameplay mechanics are implemented to determine the outcome of a battle.

Area of EffectEdit

The AoE element is present in the game. Normal attacks have an area measured in square grids. Any character or enemy present within the area may be subjected to the attack. Certain skills have an AoE effect measured in a circle with the main target as the center point. Enemies will be subjected to the skill attack if they're present inside the AoE.


There are four elements present in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. The affinity for an element affects the damage output of an elemental attack. It also determines the elemental resistance a character has against elemental attacks from an enemy. The higher percentage of affinity a character has for an element, the higher the damage output and resistance a character have for that particular element.

Fire Element Fire Ice Element Ice Wind Element Wind Earth Element Earth

Guard BreakEdit

Guard Break allows the player to deal more damage to an enemy if its guard gauge is depleted. Dealing damage to an enemy will decrease their guard gauge. If the guard gauge is depleted, the enemy will enter into a Guardbreak status, decreasing its VIT and MEN stats and increasing its damage intake. The guard gauge will replenish when the enemy takes action.

Hard Drive Divinity (HDD)Edit

Main article: HDD

CPUs and CPU Candidates can transform into their HDD forms, which will let the gain access to their Processor Units, increasing their stats significantly. A CPU or CPU Candidate requires at least 20% of their maximum SP to transform. Unlike in mk2, it does not cost anything to maintain HDD and will remain until the character manually reverts, is killed, or is inflicted with the Virus status.

Movement and EscapeEdit

The area of movement is measured in a circle with the character acting as the center point. Mobility is determined by the character's MOV skill and may move a certain distance within the area in a single turn. If a character is near the boundary of the playable area, the player has an option to escape the battle. Scripted battles, including boss battles, are inescapable.


The statistics of a character plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of a battle. Stats could increase/decrease by either leveling up, wielding certain weapons, and wearing certain equipment. The descriptions are directly taken from the manual.

Icon Stat Description
Neptunia Victory HP stat Hit Points (HP) Hit Points, or health. If this falls to zero, the character will be incapacitated.
Neptunia Victory SP stat Skill Points (SP) Skill Points. These may be spent when using a Skill or transforming into HDD forms.
Neptunia Victory STR stat Strength (STR) Influences physical attacks.
Neptunia Victory VIT stat Vitality (VIT) Influences defense against physical attacks.
Neptunia Victory INT stat Intelligence (INT) Influences magic skills.
Neptunia Victory MEN stat Mentality (MEN) Influences defense against enemy magic skills.
Neptunia Victory AGI stat Agility (AGI) Speed and quickness. Influences turn order in battle, evasion, and escape probability.
Neptunia Victory TEC stat Technique (TEC) Influences probability of connecting with attacks.
Neptunia Victory LUK stat Luck (LUK) Influences the probabilty of critical hits, accuracy, and evasion.
Neptunia Victory MOV stat Movement (MOV) Influences battlefield mobility.

Status AilmentsEdit

A status ailment imposes a handicap against the one inflicted on and can last up to 8 turns. They can be inflicted by both players and enemies alike. Status ailments are automatically removed if a battle is ended.

Icon Ailment Effect
Mk2 Poison Poison Character loses 1/16th of maximum HP per turn.
Mk2 Paralysis Paralysis Character's turn is automatically skipped.
Mk2 Skillseal Skillseal Character doesn't have access to Ps3 triangle button skills and EXE Drive skills.
Mk2 Virus Virus Hard Drive Divinity (HDD) is sealed. Only enemies can inflict this ailment. Any character can be afflicted, but only CPU and CPU Candidates experience the effect. Character is reverted to human form if already in HDD form.
Mk2 Heal Heal Character gains 1/6th of maximum HP per turn. This ailment invariably lasts for 8 turns.

Turn OrderEdit

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory uses a system of turn-based strategy. Turn order is determined by the character's AGI skill. Sometimes, it can be noticed on the Turn Order interface that a character or enemy may have multiple consecutive turns. The number of turns on the consecutive list will decrease depending on how much AP an enemy or character uses within one turn.

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