Aliens/Hyperdimension Neptunia
Aliens Hyperdimension Neptunia logo
Developer(s) Covenantslayer1 Productions

Publisher(s) Covenantslayer1 Productions

Distributor(s) Covenantslayer1 Productions

Steam (if allowed)

Director(s) Covenantslayer1

Writer(s) Covenantslayer1

Composer(s) Will use soundtrack from AVP 2010, Aliens: Colonial Marines

Series Aliens

Hyperdimension Neptunia

Engine Source

Platform(s) Microsoft Windows

Genre(s) Science Fiction

First-Person Shooter Survival Horror

Mode(s) Single Player

Multiplayer (possibly)

Rating(s) ESRB (unofficial): M

Aliens/Hyperdimension Neptunia is a planned fan-made survival horror shooter game and is set after Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. The game will be a crossover between Hyperdimention Neptunia and the Aliens franchise distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is set to created using the Source engine, the same engine that was developed by Valve Software in 2004. It will be released exclusively to Microsoft Windows as a free-to-play game though Steam if allowed due to the fact the Aliens and Hyperdimension Neptunia are copyrighted. It is the first chapter of a trilogy that will include a crossover with Kingdom Hearts and Predator with all four franchises combining in the final installment. it is curently in preproduction. 


The game will depart from the mainstream Neptunia gameplay and focus on Neptune and the other CPUs through a first-person perspective, weapons used by the CPUs, melee and ranged, are thier main tools against the aliens. The aliens' acid blood, a common trait for the aliens, will also be a hazard making some attacks risky as the player must avoid the acid, however the effect will wear off after a short time. Aliens from the negatively recieved video game Aliens: Colonial Marines are also set to return, some of which are bosses with a new type of alien queen, the Godess Queen. 


"The world of Compile Heart's popular JRPG series clashes with the world of 20th Century Fox's terrifying Sci-Fi horror franchise Aliens in this first-person shooter horror adventure! When a cargo ship that disappeared months prior suddenly reappears and docks in the ports of Planeptune, the Neptune and the CPUs discover that the ship contains a dark, and deadly threat that threatens to destroy Gamindustri with one creature connected Vert who hides a deep, dark secret connected to the creatures."   


These shots do not represent final gameplay, simply for reference

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